Pure Mental School Committees


We supply schools with all the information, guidance, and resources they need to help pupils and staff successfully raise awareness of mental health and its importance in their schools. Pure Mental School Committees are pupil-led, organised groups of mental health champions within schools, with a focus and passion for improving mental health education and awareness within their own school. Who knows the needs, views, and best strategies to take for young people, than young people themselves? No one! Pure Mental Committees put young people at the forefront of the discussion on mental health; to build lines of communication between young people, their peers, and their school; and assist schools through any available training, support and resources available, at no cost to schools themselves. As a result, these committees, on a more personal level, equip pupils with leadership, organisational and communication skills, as well as experience in carrying out research, voluntary work and team-building which can be invaluable in their future education and life beyond school. Committees also give staff and pupils an opportunity to work together as each committee should be supported by a member of staff to help pupils organise and co-ordinate meetings, events, and projects. Acting as a liaison between Pure Mental and schools allows us to provide services, resources and recommendations, uncovering data, ideas and insight so more accurate conclusions can be made in our wider research. This will help us secure more funding and resources for schools to enhance their education on mental health and help facilitate new services, training and/or workshops.

Find our more at: https://www.puremental.org/committees
Contact: purementalni@gmail.com