Belfast Resilience Strategy

Please be advised that there is a short extension to the closing date for the consultation on the draft Belfast Resilience Strategy. The closing date is now Wednesday 17th June.

The consultation can be viewed here and we would encourage you to make a response if you have not already done so.  Also attached: –

Belfast Resilience Strategy Draft Document

Belfast Resilience Strategy Survey Questions


Make Carers Voices Heard

The preparations for carers week (adult carers and young carers) are well underway across Trusts, Voluntary Sector, Department of Health and HSCB. Organisations are working together in NI to prepare for Carers week.

We are looking for individuals and organisations to sign up to make carers voices heard, and to make a pledge in support of carers. This is a UK wide initiative for the week and you can sign up and make your pledge using the link below.

Family Support Hubs (COVID19)

The Family Support Hubs continue to be open for referrals during the current situation. They will try to access Family Support agencies during this time but this will be subject to individual projects ability to respond.

If you want to advise us of any changes to service provision or have particular needs you want to source during the current situation please contact and we will try to connect you with the appropriate information.

There are 29 family support hubs across Northern Ireland supporting families. If you would like a service to be included in the next edition of the newsletter please send details to:

More information on our family support hubs is available here

Southern Area LPGs Information Bulletin 19th March 2020

Welcome to the 28th edition of For Your information bulletin, FYI (For Your Information).

With the current developments regarding COVID-19, a lot of programmes and activities have been postponed or cancelled, so we would urge you to check with organisers, before attending any previously scheduled activities, for advice and updates.

For all of our LPG members, please refer to Slide 2 of the attached, for important information relating to previously planned LPG meetings.

In today’s issue, you will also see some links to guidance from local councils in the Southern Trust area, along with some ideas for activities at home, as well as maintaining children’s / young people’s and parents’ health too. We aim to provide a more comprehensive resource for parents and families next week, to provide practical support, and would invite you to share any useful resources with us for inclusion.

In the meantime, stay connected in a safe and healthy way.   

FYI For Your Information Issue 28 – 19th March 2020



Help Kids Talk – Sing Listen Look Talk

Why learning to talk is so important for all children?
A child’s ability to talk is often taken for granted. We place a lot of emphasis on when our children start to walk and that can often be a date of remembrance for years to come. Talking is as essential as walking and here is the reason why.

The Communication Trust reports that ‘Children who find learning to talk hard find life hard’. Children with speech and language difficulties are at high risk of problems with reading, writing and spelling. They are also more likely to have behavioural difficulties, challenges making and maintaining friendships and with their self-esteem and confidence. It may also affect their education and employment chances later in life.

Why is this so important for children in Lisburn?
Through research we know 32% of our children in Lisburn are starting school with a mild to severe speech, language and communication problem. One of the reasons for this late detection is that we think that our child will catch up when they start school and will be encouraged by our teachers and other children. For some children that can help but for others they can fall behind in the classroom or it presents itself in a different way for example through their behaviour as they get frustrated not understanding what is going on, unable to express how they feel or to get others to understand them.


The good news is there are simple things we can all do from an early stage to help and support our children’s speech, language and communication development. The Help Kids Talk initiative funded by Lisburn & Castlereagh City Council was launched on the 4th March 2020 in Laganvalley Island Centre. It is a community wide project involving everyone who has a responsibility for a child, whether that is a parent, carer, grandparent, other family members, childminders and staff in an organisation that provides services for children in Lisburn.

We have awareness sessions for parents/carers and other family members on what speech, language and communication development should look like, what you can do to encourage your child’s development and where to go if you need help and support.

Training and programmes available that support a child’s development for organisations that provide services for children.

If you want to hear more about the Help Kids Talk initiative in Lisburn or you want to get involved contact the Help Kids Talk coordinator on 02892 670755 or 07715801635

Natalie Williams, Rachael Whan, Aisling Donnelly, Alison Ferris, Help Kids Talk Steering group, Adrian Bird, Resurgam Trust, Tracey Cassells and Aura Law-Porter and Ronie Ryan from Barbour Nursery School