Southern Trust Bereavment Helpline

On Monday 18th May the Southern HSC Trust bereavement helpline is going live. This has been developed by the bereavement team; a collaborative partnership across practitioners in bereavement, social work and nursing services brought together in response to the Covid-19 pandemic.

We are so aware that grief is difficult under ‘normal’ circumstances, but the current context brings added challenges at the time of death, limitations to our rites of mourning and when social distancing restricts our capacity to be with family and friends.

We have a team of colleagues from social work, nursing and allied health professionals with knowledge, skills and insight into grief and loss responding to calls.  The helpline aims to come alongside bereaved people, to hold their grief and offer emotional support through compassion and empathy. We hope, in some small way, it will prove beneficial for some people at this time.

View Bereavement Helpline flyer HERE