Southern Area Outcomes Group – Newcomer Families Survey

A Priority for the Southern Outcomes Group is – Good Relations, Equality and Diversity- Children and young people will experience and benefit from good relations, equality and diversity – Together we will work towards broadening inclusive access to schools, youth and public facilities/services.

As part of the above priority the Southern Area Outcomes group want to develop an up to date needs assessment in relation to Newcomer Families access to services across the Southern Area identifying what is currently happening, what are the issues, what are the gaps and unmet need and supports required and identify a number of key recommendations for action through a multi-agency approach.

Note: A ‘Newcomer Family’ is defined as one who originally lived outside Northern Ireland and/or does not speak sufficient English to enable them to fully access and engage with services.

An online survey has just been launched and we would encourage any groups working with Newcomer Families within the Southern Trust Area to complete and submit the Survey through the link below.

 Click Here to Complete the Survey