Southern Area LPG’s FYI E-Bulletin Evaluation

January saw the first anniversary of our fortnightly e-Bulletin, FYI (For Your Information), which shares information on events, programmes, research and everything else related to improving outcomes for children and young people in the Southern Trust area. To date we have had 25 editions of FYI, with a total of 760 pieces of information, averaging at around 26 pages and 30 pieces of information, in each edition. The number of recipients on our mailing list has now reached 700 and it also distributed to all local schools through the C2K network.

We are keen to evaluate the impact of FYI with both those organisations/services who have advertised and those who receive FYI. We have produced a 1-page feedback form which can be obtained by e-mailing Please submit this to the same e-mail address by Friday 6th March.

To date, some of the overwhelmingly positive feedback which we have received has included:

• I love the newsletter! It’s absolutely brilliant, so much information.

• It’s an invaluable, user-friendly resource.

• Definitely have found this invaluable in terms of getting our service into the Southern Trust area.

• Full of interesting information – I always learn something.

• Thanks so much. It’s a fantastic document and I hope people will have a read and take advantage of the fantastic facilities and events.

• Many thanks for sending through the newsletters, it is a vital source of information of what is going on in local areas.


For further information, contact Joanne or Darren in the Southern Area Locality Team at