Southern Area LPG Newsletter 9 April 2020

Welcome to the third of our weekly editions of ‘FYI’.

In an ever-changing online environment we can only give you a small sample of what is out there: what support, information and guidance is available at a local level and how to access this. We encourage you to share this amongst friends and colleagues.

As most of the information included in this issue of ‘FYI’ hasn’t featured in previous editions, for your convenience, you can also view our most recent ‘FYI’ weekly newsletters, by clicking on the following dates: Issue 30 – 2nd April 2020 & Issue 29 – 26th March 2020

Due to the Easter break there will not be an ‘FYI’ next Thursday, but our e-bulletin will resume the following week and we will also be providing a Daily Update each day from Monday to Friday.

Finally, we hope you find this newsletter useful and we welcome any feedback, as we are always looking at ways to improve the resource.

Stay safe & stay connected!

FYI For Your Information Issue 31 – 9 April 2020