Social Emotional Learning for Pre-schoolers

This week, our blog for parents is all about the pre-schoolers.

For a number of years, we’ve been supporting some pre-school and nursery provisions with developing their Social Emotional Learning; and wanted to share some of our tips and ideas with you.

We’re certain there will be lots of ideas to keep little ones busy – and even some of the big ones will enjoy these ideas too!

These include
 Role play


Each Monday we share a pre-school story-book that can be explored together through an SEL-lens. So far we’ve included Stick Man, The Colour Monster, Everybody Feels Happy and Hamilton’s Hats – and we have lots more planned including family favourites such as The Gruffalo and Elmer!

Our 30 days of pre-school SEL also starts tomorrow! So be sure to join in with us!


Pre school blog can be accessed here:…/art…/sel-for-pre-schoolers