Round Up: Infant Mental Health Awareness Week 2018 in the West


The Fermanagh and Omagh Locality Planning Groups celebrated Infant Mental Health Awareness Week 2018 by highlighting the excellent evidence-based practice of its members and learning more about the people that lead in this practice. 

A series of key messages were endorsed and celebrated across the Western Outcomes Area as part of the infant mental health awareness week campaign for 2018.


Research Scientist, Suzanne Zeedyk shared her aspiration for families in the Western Outcomes Area:

‘I would wish times of warmth and relaxation for families in the West.  I would take away the subtle pressure that parents must somehow be perfect and always ‘get it right’.  Instead, I would wish for parents who are ‘good enough’.  That’s all our kids want: parents who can laugh with them and relax with them and spend time with them and laugh with them.  Having confidence that you can find your way back to laughing each other, even after tension and fighting, gets families through some pretty tough places. So that’s what I would wish for families in the West: times of laughter – living in communities that make those times even more possible’.  


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