Playboard NI – PlayMatters ‘Loose Parts’ information sheet

Play changes throughout childhood and every child will play in different ways. There is no right or wrong play to play! Be your child’s play champion by maximising their time for play. Play and learning go hand-in-hand. Play is the fundamental way that children learn, grow, and develop, enabling them to gain a wide range of skills. A playful activity for younger children could be making a treasure basket filled with (age appropriate) natural resources that they can use for their own play. Items for your basket could include shells, pebbles, tissue paper, fabric, a comb, a tin, empty egg cartons, pegs, leaves, ribbons etc.

Playing with these ‘loose parts’ that you find at home allows children to create, build, manipulate, and play with, in a flexible way.

You can read more in the #PlayMatters ‘Loose Parts’ information sheet. #PlayAtHome

* Ensure that the loose parts do not present a choking risk and are checked regularly. *