Our Journey Through Disability

We are pleased to announce the forthcoming launch of Our Journey Through Disability. This report is the outcome of a co-production initiative by parents and families in the Newry Locality, supported and facilitated by the CYPSP Southern Outcomes Group.

This report will be formally launched at the next CYPSP meeting in November 2020, with the aim & ensuring that the information and recommendations included in the document, are used to inform the development of multi-agency/multi-disciplinary plans supporting the needs of children with disability and their families, not just In the Southern Outcomes area, but across the regional CYPSP network.

The Chair of CYPSP had an opportunity to meet with a number of those parents involved in this excellent example of co-production and can we take this  opportunity again to express thanks to all of the parents and families, and the CYPSP
locality planning staff, who collaborated in the production of this
important work.

CYPSP Our Journey Disability Report