New Book Reserve Cafe – Now Open (6/10 project)

Hello Everyone

After several months of designing, planning, some tears and a lot of fun we’re ready to go and the time has come to unleash Avril’s world renowned apricot and white chocolate scones (trust me I’ve had a taste and they’re mind-blowing!)

So at 10am on Friday 8th May the doors of the Thinking Cup Cafe will gently swing open onto an unsuspecting public at 407 Lisburn Road, Belfast. So if you fancy some great coffee, those fabled apricot and white chocolate scones and some great chat from Scott our latest recruit then swing by and say Hi.

And here’s a deal you can’t pass on, our lifeblood is your old books, DVD’s and CD’s – so bring ten of each or a mix and we’ll swap it for a free cup of coffee or tea!

Really hope to see you soon for a catch up.


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