Mental Health Awareness Week – Rock Choir

We are delighted that Rock Choir are supporting us during Mental Health Awareness Week (18-24 May) by hosting #RockChoir24, a 24-hr fundraising event from 11am on Tuesday 19 May to 11am the next day. This will be streamed live from their Facebook page.
Throughout the day AND night, the Rock Choir Team will host an energetic schedule of singing sessions, themed musical events, songs from the decades and social musical events as well as sessions aimed at teenagers and younger children meaning the WHOLE family can join in! There will be something for EVERYONE to enjoy.
We will also hear from Key Worker Rock Choir Members who will share their stories with us from the front line in response to the coronavirus pandemic. Also highlighted will be stories about inspirational acts of kindness from across the UK to reinforce the theme of Kindness.
The Rock Choir Team has also been receiving video messages from their celebrity friends and fans. Each have sent in heartfelt messages of kindness, encouragement and support.
Follow Rock Choir to join in the fun!

#MentalHealthAwarenessWeek #KindnessMatters