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Antrim/Ballymena Photos 2020-21 including Talk Pants Guide, Christmas Craft Packs, Healthy Movers Packs, CSN Physical Activity Programmes, Looking After Me Journals & GAITGO Photos

The Antrim/Ballymena Children and Young People’s Locality Group is a partnership of agencies from the statutory, voluntary and community sectors who come together to provide local solutions to the identified needs of children, young people and their families across the area. The group is la sub group of the Northern Outcomes Group linking to the CYPSP. The Group was formally launched on 24 October 2007. Membership is open to all organisations who provide services across the area and the group is particularly keen to hear from children, young people and families themselves. We recognise that by working together we can all achieve better outcomes for our children and young people.


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The Antrim/Ballymena LPG is part of the Northern outcomes group

Latest News & Events

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Action Plan and Priorities


Achievements 2021-2022

LPG meetings moved online. Partnerships between members continued to be build; information, services and needs shared; new members joined across the statutory, voluntary and community sectors committed to improving outcomes for children and young people in the area.

    • Worked with NHSCT and MayWe to disseminate MHEW Take 5 arts booklets through LPG members
    • Getting Active in the Great Outdoors Photo Competition held to promote outdoor play
    • Survey of children and young people and parents carried out looking at what physical activity CYP would like to do more of outside and what are their barriers to that
    • Looking After Me journal given to children with additional MHEW needs to help them transition to post-primary
    • Co-ordinated Demystifying Disability Hate crime webinar
    • Worked with NHSCT Trust co-ordinators to compile and disseminate information to database about World Breastfeeding Week and how member organsiations can become a Breastfeeding friendly organisation
    • Co-ordinate delivery of Talk, Learn, Do training to generate greater financial awareness and more financial stability in families
    • Autism NI Level 1 Fundamentals of Autism delivered online to staff and parents across Northern LPG’s

Achievements 2020-2021

  • Survey carried out with children, young people and parents to assess their needs and priorities
  • Arts packs delivered to LAC nurse to deliver to Looked After Children aged 4-11 identified as needing mental health support funded by Children In Need
  • Young people’s mental health and emotional wellbeing supported by boxes emotional wellbeing boxes delivered to young people in emotional need by member organisations
  • Worked with NSPCC and the NHSCT sexual health lead to roll out PANTS awareness campaign across the area to empower parents to have age-appropriate conversions with their children aged 4-8 to prevent or stop sexual abuse
  • Christmas craft packs provided to member organisations to deliver to children aged 4-11 identified as being in emotional need at Christmas
  • Worked in partnership with NHSCT Sexual health lead to provide LGBT Training to LPG  member organisations
  • Organised and promoted mental health awareness training across area to meet CYP mental health/ emotional wellbeing needs
  • Co-ordinated and promoted whole staff training in Trauma and Mental Health-Informed Schools and Communities Training to members and teachers in area
  • Co-ordinate promotion and delivery of Parenting in a Pandemic training to create greater mental health awareness and knowledge of support mechanisms during Covid lockdown for parents
  • Pre-school play Healthy Movers packs provided to Surestart organisations to promote physical activity in early years
  • Worked with MEA council to place toy box in park to promote outdoor play and sustainable play
  • Physical activity programmes delivered in partnership with the Northern Health and Social Care Trust Children’s Department, Northern CYPSP LPG’s and Community Sports Network to CYP from member organisations
  • Delivered “Supporting young people in the return to school following the Covid-19 lockdown” training by Trauma Informed Schools online via Zoom
  • Co-ordinated ADHD Changing Lives Initiative training to LPG member organisations to parents and professionals
  • Worked in partnership with Save the Children, Family Support Hubs and Antrim/ Newtownabbey borough Council Community Advice Centres to provide financial support for vulnerable families within all LPG areas to buy things like early learning packs and household items

Report Cards

Engagement of Children, Young People and Families

Engagement with Children and Young People 2013 - Youth Fair February 2013 The Antrim Raising Attainment Group and the Local Children Services Planning Partnership hosted a Youth Fair at the Oakfield Community Centre in Antrim on Tuesday, 7 Continue Reading →
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Photo Gallery

  • Research Contribution Awards April 2015
  • Research Contribution Awards April 2015
  • Research Contribution Awards April 2015
  • Research Contribution Awards April 2015
  • Research Contribution Awards April 2015
  • Research Contribution Awards April 2015
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  • Antrim Youth Fair 2015
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  • Antrim Youth Fair 2015
  • Antrim Youth Fair 2015