Keady Youth Engagement Project – Exploring disability and diversity

The CYPSP Armagh Locality Planning Group has been working over the last six months to challenge behaviour and attitudes towards children and young people with a disability and to support the emotional wellbeing of children with a disability and their families in Keady area of Armagh.

In September 2016, the Armagh Locality Planning Group with a number of leading partner organisations including the Education Authority and Enable NI established Keady Engage Youth (KEY) Club in the local area. Key Club provides a safe, fun and stimulating space for children and young people with a disability to come together to learn, have fun and develop confidence and emotional resilience.



Key Club Volunteer Grainne Madden has been supporting the young people attending the Club through a voluntary capacity and has said ‘I recently began volunteering for Enable NI in my local youth club, Keady Engage Youth (KEY Club) and it has been such a positive experience for me. It is great to see the participants socialising and interacting with each other, and the volunteers. The youth club is full of laughs, activities and friendship and this is great to see for local people with disabilities. I am looking forward to lots more experiences, and sharing them with these amazing young adults’.


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