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Your influence as a parent is one of the most significant factors in your child’s life chances.  We want to support and work with you as the primary care giver and educator for your children to ensure what we offer is meaningful, consistent and available at the point of need.


This webpage is designed for Parents and Organisations working to support families using group work approaches:

On this page you will find:

Information / Leaflets

Evidence Based Parenting Support

Development Opportunities for Practitioners

For lots of information and support to help you with parenting visit our COVID-19 Supports and Resource page available Here and click on each filter button

Note: Parenting Programmes have been suspended temporarily due to Covid19

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Evidence Based Parenting Programmes

To find a parenting programme in your area click on the colour coded tab for your Health and Social Care Trust. To search by month click dropdown under "Events In" or scroll across using the months navigator on calendar. Once you see a programme you are interested in click on it for more details.
Note: All training courses for professionals are colour coded bright green.


Regional Parenting Survey 2018/2019 View
Effective Parental Participation Guide 2019 View
Barnardo’s Connections – Parenting Infants in a Digital World – Executive Summary – 2018 View
Barnardo’s Connections – Parenting Infants in a Digital World – Full Report – 2018 View
Hope for Every Child – Councillor Peter J Martin (DUP) View
Children of the new century: Mental health findings from the Millennium Cohort Study View
Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder: diagnosis and management View
Antisocial behaviour and conduct disorders in children and young people: recognition and management View
EIF Foundations for Life Report View
Early Intervention Next Steps – Graham Allen View
Early Intervention Smart Investment – Graham Allen – 2nd report View
Top Tips for Parents booklet View

Programme Reports

Family Links 10 week nurturing programme theory of change View
The Incredible Years Autism Spectrum and Language Delays (IY-ASLD) Programme for Parents View
Incredible Years Baby & Toddler prog Promoting attachment and infants brain developmnet View
Adapting Incredible Years families welfare system View

Trust Area Leaflets

Regional Leaflets

NI Evidence Based Parenting Programmes View
Think Family Children’s Information Leaflet View
Think Family Young People’s Information Leaflet View
Martina McCooey
Child Development Interventions Coordinator

T: 028 3756 4462 / 07795 450278

Natalie Killough
Child Development Interventions Coordinator

T: 028 9504 7894 / 07710144345

Kate McDermott
Child Development Interventions Coordinator

T: 028 2563 6600 / 07557345995

Joanne Garrett
Child Development Interventions Coordinator

T: 028 9181 2661 ext. 89069 / 07715052939

Sheena Funston
Child Development Interventions Coordinator

T: 028 7186 5127 / 07745066735