Developing a Mental Health Charter

NCB are asking young people aged 13-25 to take part in focus groups to help inform the Youth Access project on what young people want and need from mental health services. The information gathered will be used to create a young person’s Mental Health Charter.

We are asking for your help to arrange these focus group session(s) within your organisation/youth group.

The focus group needs to be delivered to young people aged 13-25 years before 16 October.
There are two documents which need to be used for the focus group delivery;
        Focus group guide for participation workers (pdf);
            Focus group appendices (word doc), which contains feedback forms for information to be recorded & sent back to NCB

We’re particularly keen to hear from all children and young people from the following special interest groups who may feel under-represented in existing research: 

Young carers
Care experienced children and young people
Irish Traveller Children
Children with disability and/or Special Educational Need (SEN)
Children from a black or minority ethnic background
Children attending alternative education setting (e.g. EOTAS)
Children whose first language is other than English
Children who identify as LGBTQ+
Children who are/have experienced being homeless
Children with life limiting or life-restricting medical condition
Children with experience of the juvenile justice system

If you can help organise and deliver a session, or for more information about the project, please contact Gill Hassard: as soon as possible.

For more general information on the project, visit: