EA Back to School Programme

The ‘Back to School’ programme has been developed by EA Primary Behaviour Support & Provisions.
It offers pupils the opportunity to reflect on their time at home and process their thoughts and feelings about coming back to school. Pupils will vary in their responses about coming back to school and these may change and develop over the coming weeks and months.


This programme comprises of three elements:

  • Guidance Notes
  • Presentation
  • Pupil booklet

These resources can be used with pupils on their first day back at school or over an extended period of time. The activities are based on the Public Health Agency ‘Take 5 Steps to Well-Being’ model, using strategies to promote and support positive well-being, along with developing pupil’s personal strengths and resilience. This will not only give insight into how pupils are feeling, but will also allow school staff the opportunity to reflect on and be aware of their own well-being. This programme can support the school to embed a whole school approach to promoting the social and emotional well-being of all pupils.