British Red Cross

We hope you and your pupils are coping during these uncertain times. The education community is doing amazing work to help children continue their learning. The British Red Cross want to help you by providing some quick ideas on the current situation and kindness that you can share with your learners and their parents.

This Newsthink resource, aimed at 11-18 year olds, encourages learners to consider ways that members of the public can look after each other and to understand the facts about a pandemic. Learners will develop skills to engage critically with information they receive. It also explores the role of practical acts of kindness and emotional support during a disease outbreak.

There is also a Kindness Calendar which helps children and young people learn about and carry out kind acts. There are different sets of kindness activities for both primary and secondary age children.

For younger learners, facilitators and children will think of kind acts they can do during the month and add them to the blank calendar. For example, they could be more helpful at home, write to a relative or think about how they can safely help someone in the community. For older learners the activities can be carried out individually or together as a family.