Bolster Community


Bolstering others to get through and get ahead
The pandemic has been extremely challenging for everyone and devastating for those grieving loved ones. The fear, anxiety and grief within our community is palpable and their need for support has never been greater.
Since COVID-19 hit in March, we have experienced a 70% increase in demand for our community support services. COVID-19 continues to affect every member of our community and with infection rates hitting record levels, we will continue to be a crucial safety net for many.
We’ve been able to weather the COVID-19 storm and be impactful in people’s lives through the resolve and flexibility of our team, and the incredible support of partners like you. Together, we’ve achieved an astounding 10,000+ contacts with individuals and families over the first six months of COVID-19, delivering services in our centres, in people’s gardens, by phone, zoom and WhatsApp.


Bolstering others to get through and get ahead is a good reflection of how we need to support our community in the coming months and years. That’s exactly what we are committed to do under our new brand identity which launches today.

Bolster is an old word, a return to old values where neighbours and community could be depended on to help each other and make things better. Bolster Community describes what we do and why we do it – we strengthen and support the community, specifically those struggling to cope with life’s tough challenges, from early years right through to later years.
When we work together, we are stronger and so too are the communities we serve. I would like to take this opportunity to say thank-you for your continued support in helping us bolster the children, parents, individuals of mixed ability and seniors we have the privilege to work alongside every day.