Barnardo’s ‘Boloh’ helpline

Barnardo’s helpline called ‘Boloh’ (means ‘speak’ in many languages). This is a UK wide service.

The Helpline is to encourage Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic children, young people (11-25 years) and families affected by Covid-19 to speak about their worries, their problems and their stresses during this time. Staff will provide emotional support, advice and signposting to other organisations who can provide further help. Professionals can make contact to discuss how to support a child or young person they are working with.

Currently the Helpline is open Monday and Friday 1-8 pm. This will increase to 7 days a week in mid-December.

Contact details:
Andrew Tubman
Children’s Services Manager | The Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic family Covid-19 Helpline
Mobile: 07394 410638

Barnardos ‘See, Hear, Respond’ service in Northern Ireland can take referrals and offer support for anyone that does not meet Boloh helpline criteria.

Boloh Helpline A4 Posters

Boloh Helpline Information for Professionals