WellRead Resources

During this challenging time we know emotional well-being is critical and we feel this tool is a life line for parents whilst stuck indoors at the minute.  

WELLREAD is an innovative new resource designed to help parents/caregivers support and nurture their child’s development by building up their resilience and help them to learn how to bounce back from the challenges they face today.

As our children are at home over this challenging time we understand that parents will be feeling frustrated and even overwhelmed with what they can do to help their child.  We would like to offer access to WellRead to parents.

WellRead is targeted at children aged 8-12 and provides stories selected by their team of experts to support parents/caregivers. 

Each story is cleverly designed with stopping points to encourage discussion and features a carefully selected mix of international short stories, fairy tales and novel chapters. The stories will engage children with their diverse and exciting plotlines, language and characters. There are both contemporary and classic ones, some of which parents might remember from their own childhood. Many of the newer stories explore timely issues such as patchwork families, bullying, climate change and poverty. At the same time, in line with our emotional framework, all of the stories look into universal themes such as compassion, truth-telling, courage and hope.