SUSE+ Step Up to Sustainable Employment

SUSE+ support anyone aged 16-65 who is unemployed, working less than 16 hours or not in education or training in Magherafelt and surrounding areas.

SUSE+ Magherafelt Areas Covered

They offer a range of short-accredited courses and Level 1 qualifications, including Essential Skills, along with help with CVs, job applications, interview preparation, 1:1 mentoring and more.

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New Travel Advice

Travellers from South America must self-isolate and get tested

Travellers who have arrived from or transited through these South American countries* in the last 14 days must self-isolate for 10 days when they arrive in Northern Ireland, their household must also isolate for 10 days.

Travellers who have returned from South America should also arrange to have a test whether or not they have symptoms, they should contact their GP or Out-of-Hours service to arrange testing.

*Argentina, Brazil, Bolivia, Chile, Cape Verde, Colombia, Ecuador, French Guiana, Guyana, Paraguay, Panama, Portugal, Peru, Suriname, Uruguay and Venezuela.

A Departmental spokesperson said: “This precautionary measure is in response to the emergence of Covid-19 variants in these countries. Work is ongoing to understand the effect of the variants on disease characteristics such as transmissibility.”

Informações de viagens atualizadas

Passageiros da America do Sul tem compulsoriamente que se auto isolar e serem testados.
Passageiros chegados de, ou que transitaram por paises da America do Sul nos últimos 14 dias tem compulsoriamente que se auto- isolar por um periodo de dez dias, uma vez que desembarcarem na Irlanda do Norte. Igualmente precisam se auto isolar as pessoas em sua residência ou local de estadia também pelo periodo de 10 dias.
Viajantes retornando da América do Sul devem providenciar um teste. Devem para isso contactar seu Clínico Geral(GP) ou um Serviço Médico Emergencial para esse fim.(Out-of-hours)

*Argentina, Brasil, Bolivia, Chile, Cabo Verde, Colombia, Equador, Guiana Francesa, Guiana, Paraguai, Panamá, Portugal, Perú, Suriname Uruguai e Venezuela.*

Nuevos consejos de viaje

Los pasajeros provenientes de Sudamérica deben aislarse y hacerse la prueba de detección.

Los pasajeros que hayan llegado o hayan transitado por estos países de América del Sur * en los últimos 14 días deben cumplir un aislamiento por 10 días al ingresar a Irlanda del Norte. Este aislamiento de 10 días debe ser cumplido también por toda persona que viva en el mismo domicilio. Los pasajeros que hayan regresado de América del Sur también deben realizar los arreglos necesarios para hacerse una prueba de detección, ya sea que tengan o no tengan síntomas. Deben ponerse en contacto con su médico de cabecera o con el servicio fuera de horario para concertar la prueba.

* Argentina, Brasil, Bolivia, Chile, Cabo Verde, Colombia, Ecuador, Guayana Francesa, Guyana, Paraguay, Panamá, Portugal, Perú, Surinam, Uruguay y Venezuela.

Home Start Northern Ireland – Volunteer Appeal

“You can’t put a price on how volunteering brings more happiness and hope to a home.”

Home-Start Northern Ireland launches ‘Give the gift of time’ urgent appeal for volunteers

Local mum and volunteer Reda Matuseviciene is helping Home-Start Northern Ireland launch its ‘Give the gift of time’ volunteer appeal which aims to inform and inspire local people to volunteer an hour a week to support local families through this unprecedented crisis.  The campaign is specifically targeted at inspiring people to register as a volunteer in the Antrim, Carrickfergus, Craigavon, Lisburn, North Down and Omagh areas.

Reda knows first-hand how a few hours a week can transform a life of a young family.  Her story began eight years ago when she prematurely gave birth to her second daughter at 24 weeks.  At the time, Reda, and her husband Arunas struggled to cope with looking after a very ill little baby and a 3-year-old big sister, who also needed some support.  The family were referred to Home-Start and for nine months Reda found the Home-Start volunteer was a real lifesaver, providing Reda with much needed support. 

Speaking about how her Home-Start volunteer made a difference, Reda said:

“It was a lifeline and the fact that someone came into your home and give up their free time to spend time with you made you feel special.  You can’t put a price to how much that helps build your confidence as well as bring more happiness and laughter to your home.”  

Reda’s Home-Start’s volunteer was more than a lifeline at a time of challenge and thanks to the kind, compassionate and respectful approach of the volunteer, Reda was able to overcome any challenges and build up her confidence. 

Inspired by the impact of her Home-Start volunteer, three years ago Reda decided to give the special gift of time to another family in need of support and friendship during a difficult time. 

Reda registered as a volunteer and after the highest quality of training and support from Home-Start Craigavon, Reda was matched with her first family and from then never looked back.  Speaking about the impact of volunteering, Reda said:

“As a volunteer, I get the chance to help a mum or dad with key tasks so they can get a chance to do the simple things that most of us take for granted.  For example, by being there for a few hours, I can give a mum a chance to take a shower and relax, all the time knowing that someone is able to keep an eye on her most precious children.” 

“As a volunteer, the greatest reward for me is the feeling I get when someone opens the door and says thank you for being here.  Their words show how relieved they are to see you and how valuable your support is.  No money can buy that feeling.” 

Alan Hanna, Northern Ireland Director, Home-Start UK said: “We need volunteers like Reda to help support local families especially through these challenging times when many families feel pushed to the point of breaking.  Last year, our volunteers provided emotional and practical support to over 1,200 Northern Ireland  families that were struggling to cope.  It’s through volunteers like Reda, that parents don’t just survive, they get a chance to thrive; so that our communities can build back better.” 

Home-Start volunteers provide emotional and practical support to families struggling to cope and who may be facing issues like isolation, financial worries, bereavement, or mental and physical health challenges. 

Alan continued: “If you can spare an hour a week to support a family in your local community when they need it, then please get in touch today.  Full and thorough training and support will be provided.  The work of Home-Start volunteers has never been more urgent and important.  We need volunteers now more than ever.”

To register your interest and to find out about various volunteer roles on offer in your area visit: and give the #giftoftime in 2021.

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Empower Project

As we are now in 2021 the Empower Project has moved into a 2-year extension programme funded by the National Lottery Community Fund.


The Empower Project will continue to offer information sessions, training sessions, parent and professional conferences, activities for the children and siblings, coffee morning/support meetings for parents, and recently the opportunity for parents and professionals to achieve a CACHE Level 2 Certificate in Autism.


The National Lottery expects the Empower Project to pilot a Social Enterprise concept so there will be a small cost for some or all activities. This may mean some fees will be introduced but we will continue to look at each individual’s ability to pay. This is to allow the DADS group to sustain their current activities after the project ends in December 2022 and it is expected that after COVID, funding may be harder to access.


In the current climate, the Empower Project will continue to offer its activities virtually online. This has proved to have been very successful since March 2020 and we are confident that it will continue offering parents and professionals much-needed information to help them cope with their child/children’s condition.


Josie McGuckin is now the Empower Project Manager and her contact details are as follows:


Information Line Number: 028 9581 6852

Office Number: 028 79301606