Family Links Nurturing Programme Antrim

Seven parents  recently completed the 10 week Family Links Nurturing Programme in the Antrim area. This programme worked directly with parents to develop emotional and mental well-being to build effective relationships and positive family life. 


Sandra Anderson, Participation Development Officer and Selena Ramsey, Locality Planning Officer in the Northern Outcomes Area hosted the programme as parent group facilitators in partnership with Homestart to identify the unmet needs of parents who live outside of the Surestart wards in Antrim.

The Nurturing Programme aims to help adults understand and manage feelings and behaviour and become more positive and nurturing in their relationships with children and each other. It encourages an approach to relationships that gives children and adults an emotionally healthy start for their lives and learning.


The findings of this 10 week programme will inform future planning initiatives of the CYPSP Antrim Locality Planning Group to meet local needs of parents in the area.


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For more information about this programme and the CYPSP Antrim Locality Planning Group contact:

Sandra Anderson, Participation Development Officer at 


Selena Ramsey, Northern Area Locality Planning Officer at

Telephone: 028 2563 6609

Engagment with Children and Young People 2012

Engagement with Children and Young People

April 2012 – May 2012

To improve service provision for parents with children aged 0 to 4 years in the Antrim area, Questionnaires have been developed to identify the needs for these families. Questionnaires will be distributed to parents through Health Visitors and other local Health Professionals. It is anticipated that the questionnaires will provide an evidence base of identified need.

A focus group of parents will be completed on receipt of the questionnaires to further plan for improving services by ensuring the voice of parents are at the centre of the process.